Our History

The Inception

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Services Pty Ltd (DMUS) was established, focusing on mobile echocardiography services. 

A New Direction

DMUS was acquired and underwent a significant infrastructure overhaul, integrating advanced IT and digital systems under the guidance of our current managing director.

Rebranding and Expansion

The company began trading as Heartscope, marking the establishment of fixed diagnostic sites and beginning a new chapter in healthcare service.

Welcoming Investors

Heartscope transitioned to a public entity, welcoming cardiology investors and expanding its presence with three additional sites in metropolitan Melbourne.

Broadening Services

Heartscope expanded its diagnostic spectrum to include respiratory services, offering lung function tests and more.

Growth and New Headquarters

A milestone year with the opening of our 10th site and the establishment of a new headquarters in Wheelers Hill, reinforcing our commitment to accessible healthcare.

Innovative Introductions

Heartscope introduced new services like HeartBug and lipid center services, continuing to pioneer in healthcare diagnostics.

Scope Healthcare Limited

The year also saw the formation of Scope Healthcare Limited, uniting Heartscope and Sleepscope. We stand today as a premier provider of diagnostic services, training, and consultations, cementing our status as a leader in cardiac and sleep health diagnostics.