Partnerships and Acquisitions

Happy doctor shaking hands with a businessman at medical clinic.

Our Acquisition Aim.

Scope Healthcare is actively exploring opportunities to join hands with specialist practices. We’re particularly keen on small companies in the cardiac, sleep, and radiology sectors, but we’re also open to other areas of specialisation that align with our vision for comprehensive care.

If you’re considering the future of your specialist practice, an acquisition by Scope Healthcare could open doors to wider resources, advanced technologies, and an expanded patient base. We respect the legacy you’ve built and aim to integrate it into our broader network, preserving the essence of your practice while propelling it forward.

We are looking for:
Cardiology Practices
Sleep Practices
Respiratory Practices
Radiology Practices

Let's Work Together.

We are also looking to establish partnerships with likeminded companies who are ready to grow and evolve, providing even better care together than we could apart. With Scope Healthcare, you’ll find a team that’s invested in shared goals and committed to success.

We’re excited about the potential of what we can achieve together. If you’re ready for growth, innovation, and a patient-first approach, let’s start the conversation.

Ready to Partner or Join Us?

Whether through partnership or acquisition, let’s explore how we can unite our strengths for a healthier tomorrow.