About Us

A Brief History

A Legacy of Heart and Sleep Health.

Scope Healthcare, with its specialist divisions Heartscope and Sleepscope, began as Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Services (DMUS) in 1995. Ever since, we’ve led the way in heart and sleep diagnostics across Victoria, Australia.

Initially DMUS, our company evolved into Heartscope, echoing our expertise in heart care. We later broadened our scope to include sleep diagnostics, uniting heart and sleep health to better serve our patients.

Our commitment to excellence led to the creation of Scope Healthcare. Our mission is to provide top-tier diagnostic care, using the latest diagnostic technology with exceptional service to thoroughly meet our patients’ cardiac and sleep health needs.

Our Values

Prioritising our Patients.

We ensure exceptional, personalised care that sets new standards in cardiac and sleep health across Victoria and beyond.


Our vision is to become the premier provider of comprehensive healthcare services across Australia, setting the standard in patient-centered care and cardiovascular excellence nationwide.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional, patient-centered diagnostic services to improve cardiovascular health and well-being for individuals across Victoria.

What we do

Echo Training and Diagnostic Services.

Scope Healthcare provides vital cardiac and sleep diagnostic services to Victorians, employing a team of highly qualified specialists, sonographers, and technicians. Our commitment to using the latest technology ensures that each diagnosis is both accurate and efficiently communicated. This ensures prompt delivery of results to GPs, facilitating timely and personalised patient care.

In addition to diagnostics, we offer expert medical consultations and comprehensive training programs for future sonographers. 


We offer a full spectrum of cardiac diagnostic services, including Echocardiograms, ECGs, Holter Monitoring and more.

Sleep and Respiratory

Our sleep and respiratory services provide critical tests like Home-Based Sleep Studies, CPAP Therapy and more.

Echo Training Program

We offer a comprehensive Echo Training Program for aspiring sonographers, underpinning our commitment to healthcare education.


Consultations with our cardiologists and sleep physicians, ensure personalised care and management plans.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team brings together over 20 years of individual experience in both management and medical expertise. Their collective knowledge and dedicated leadership ensure that we remain at the forefront of cardiac and sleep healthcare, committed to delivering excellence to every patient.

Vipul Kapadia

Managing Director

Ray Balakrishnan

Executive Director

Dr. Ali Alfiadh

Director of Cardiology

Reena Kapadia

Chief Sonographer and Educator @ Heartscope Training Institute

Tania Larkin

Healthcare Manager

Kyle Sensiba

Business Manager - Echocardiography

Bryana Dunstan

Patient Administration Services Manager

Dean Garrow

Marketing Manager

Darpan Arora

Finance Manager

Nicole Exon

Group Practice Manager – South-East Region

Daniela Bosnakova

Group Practice Manager - North-West Region